Diesel Smog

Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles Added to the Smog Check Program

Effective January 1st, 2010, Diesel powered vehicles 1998 & newer under 14,000 GVWR are subject to a smog check.

What is the Diesel Smog Check Inspection Procedure?

The Diesel Smog Check inspection will consist of three parts;

Visual check of the emission control equipment (The visual check of diesel vehicles will be performed the same way as the test performed on gasoline powered vehicles except that the emission control components maybe different.)

Check of the OBD system (The OBD-II check on diesels will be conducted the same way it is performed on gasoline vehicles.) Test for visible smoke (The visible smoke test procedures for diesels is similar to the gasoline procedure.)

Will Diesels be required to have an Acceleration Simulation mode (ASM) or Two Speed IDLE (TSI) Test?

No, dynamometer testing will not be part of the diesel Smog Check inspection.

Will Smog Check Technicians be required to Check for Alternative fuels?

No. Although some diesel vehicles owners use alternative diesel fuels, including various mixes of biodiesel, currently, there are no plans to require technicians to collect fuel samples as part of the diesel Smog Check inspection. If a vehicle has equipment that modifies the fuel injection system, then the system must have an ARB approved Executive Order (EO). Extra fuel tanks without evaporative controls are not a cause for a Smog Check failure.

How long will the Diesel Smog Check Inspection take?

Although many factors affect the length of time it takes to do any type of inspection, the BAR expects most technicians to be able to complete the diesel inspection in approximately 15-30 minutes.

When will Diesel Inspections begin?

The DMV will begin mailing notices to motorists who own diesel-powered vehicles subject to the program for registrations due in April 2010. However, change of ownership and out-of-state inspections will be required starting on January 1, 2010. Unlike gasoline powered vehicles, there is no six-year or four-year exemptions on diesels included in the Smog Check Program.

Will any Diesel Vehicles be Exempt from the program?

Yes, all diesel vehicles over the maximum 14,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) limit will be exempt from the Smog Check Program. The GVWR is indicated on a label located on the chassis or door jamb of the vehicle.

How does the BAR expect failed vehicles to be repaired?

Currently, most diesel vehicle owners have their vehicles repaired at either a dealership or a diesel specialty repair shop.

What about engine changes on diesels?

The Smog Check Program engine change policy applies to engine changes on diesel vehicles subject to the program. To review the BAR Engine Change Policy BAR website: http://www.bar.ca.gov/80_BARResources/07_AutoRepair/Engine_Change_Guidelines.html

Will there be assistance for motorists who fail an inspection?

Yes, diesel vehicles will be included in the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).

Does BAR intend to establish new license requirements for diesel inspections or repairs?

No, the BAR will not be establishing new license requirements specific to the diesel program.

The information provided on this page was obtained from the website – Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Automotive Repair. A1 Smog is in no way responsible for incorrect or misleading information.